About Shaun

Born in Bryans Road, Maryland on the 13th of March, 1982 I always aspired to do something with my life. Growing up I was always in absolute awe of my grandfather’s mastery of commercial art which was what originally drew me into the world of art. Moving around as a child from one city to another across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio all the way to Oregon in 1996 to begin High School art was one thing that always kept my mind calmed and me out of trouble. Especially during my 9 years of service in the United States Air Force, when times got tough, particularly on deployments, I was always able to fall back on drawing and taking pictures.

It was not about 2005 when I started becoming more serious about photography. I loved to go hiking and when you are in the great outdoors there is so much beauty that I decided to start catching on film. My inspirations are individuals that have an eye for natural beauty; in nature and in us as human beings. People like traveling photographer Peter Lik whose gallery I went to at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas in that 2005 timeframe. He takes some of the most vivid color photographs from spots all over the world to classic, world renowned black and white photographs of Ansel Adams. I didn’t pick up my first camera until 1996 when I took my first beginning photography class in high school. Since then I have added my Nikon D80 Digital SLR to my arsenal of cameras.

Now that I have years of prints built up my next step is to start getting my name out there and making something of myself. Perhaps one day I will be the next Ansel Adams or Peter Lik. All I know is that in the time being I am doing something that I love to do. Photography coupled with painting with acrylics, drawing with pencil, pastels and ink keep me going. I know my grandfather out of all people would want me to never stop doing it.